New Video: On My Day Off at Home

Alright.. so a couple days ago I filmed and edited another video.. but forgot to post an update on here. Please forgive me!
After a hectic few first days of school, I had a day off (Thursdays are my days off this semester) and I spent a majority of that day at home.
I attempted to make souffle pancakes and well, you can see how those turned out. I played with Leo and Lily and basically chilled at home and did some school work.
Take a look here:

Once again, thanks so much for watching! I will be back soon.


First Days as a PhD Student

These first few days as a Ph.D. student have been going by as a blur. I've been having to figure out where things are, how to get to certain places, meeting all sorts of people, and keeping up with the multitude of reading and discussions. It's been great so far though.

I filmed and edited a video a few days ago and forgot to post it here. Now that school is up and rolling, it'll be interesting trying to get time to film and edit, but I'm still determined to do this! YouTube is a great platform to just share and reflect and I love being able to keep in touch with family and friends this way.

Hope you enjoy!


New video! Vlog #4~ New Office, Making Pad Thai, PhD Life, 대학원생, 팟타이 만들기, 홈카페, 새 오피스

So far, it's been pretty easy filming and uploading videos! It's like I'm getting the hang of it again. Not sure how that will change when school officially starts, but as of now, I'm enjoying this so much.
Here's my fourth vlog:

I can't believe it's already my fourth one. Thanks to everyone who's subscribed and watched my videos.


Chill Saturday Morning~ New Vlog!

I'm on a roll this week with my third video/vlog. I'm still trying to figure out editing style & aesthetic, but I think I'm sort of developing my own style. I think in the beginning, my videos may seem a bit out of place and inconsistent, but hopefully that changes as I keep filming and posting.

Today's video is a shot of my super chill Saturday morning. It's nice to have these kinds of mornings when you don't really have anything planned and can just relax.

Hope you enjoy!


New Video Update

I'm on a roll! Two videos uploaded in two days.
Come and join me as I explore my new neighborhood!

Once again, thanks for watching!


New YouTube channel!

Wow, it's been a minute since I've updated on here.
I think my last post may have been around ten years ago or something like that.
Lots of things have happened, lots of things have changed, I've gone through different chapters in my life, and here I am... starting another new chapter in my life.

I'm officially going to start a Ph.D. degree in a couple of weeks and I've moved to a new town to kickstart this change.

Along with changes, I'm officially announcing a new YouTube channel where I will be able to post videos about my life in school and in my new home. I debated if I wanted to start posting on my old channel, but in the celebration of all things new, I've decided to have a fresh start and begin from scratch.

Check out my newest and first video on my channel. Here's the link to the actual channel.

Until next time,
~ Mindy