New YouTube channel!

Wow, it's been a minute since I've updated on here.
I think my last post may have been around ten years ago or something like that.
Lots of things have happened, lots of things have changed, I've gone through different chapters in my life, and here I am... starting another new chapter in my life.

I'm officially going to start a Ph.D. degree in a couple of weeks and I've moved to a new town to kickstart this change.

Along with changes, I'm officially announcing a new YouTube channel where I will be able to post videos about my life in school and in my new home. I debated if I wanted to start posting on my old channel, but in the celebration of all things new, I've decided to have a fresh start and begin from scratch.

Check out my newest and first video on my channel. Here's the link to the actual channel.

Until next time,
~ Mindy