Hello there!

I'm back with another video that features a lot of coffee, cooking, eating, and of course... cats.
I've really been into coffee these days, and I like experimenting with different techniques to brew coffee. My justification is that it's been stopping me from going to cafes, which are awesome, but can be expensive. Welcome to Mindy's Home Cafe!


New Video! Vlog #9~

Hello again!

I'm back at you with another video... and I'm excited to say that it's a little different from the previous ones. I thought I might show you a little more of my life at school as a Ph.D. student.
Of course... you'll still see lots of Leo and Lily and eating.

Hope you enjoy!


Vlog #8! Already?!


I'm coming to you today with another video... my eighth vlog, already!
It's hard to believe that this is the eighth one already since I just recently started, but hey, it's been a blast and I had no idea I'd keep doing this.

It's been disgustingly hot here these days and I've enjoyed every little second indoors, but I know that the weather will change any day now and it'll get cooler again.

Hope you enjoy Vlog #8!


New Video! Yay!!

It's Thursday.. and you know what that means! It was my day off from school. I still had a bunch of stuff to do, but in this video, you'll see me just cooking and playing with Leo and Lily.
Don't worry. My day consists of more things to do, rather than just cooking and playing with cats.

I tried to make souffle pancakes again and katsudon (probably one of my favorite Japanese food dishes out there). Check it out!